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I LOVE Stuff I Love


My name is Elisabeth Carol. I never considered myself to be the artsy girl. Then it happened, I picked up my very first camera. And in that moment everything changed. I began to notice life as a story to be told. A love and passion that burned deeper than anything I'd ever experienced before in my life began.

And here I am, the girl of contradictions...

I'm the southern girl who drinks unsweet tea.
I adore soft & organic styles, but admire the bold & modern.
I listen to John Mayer with the windows down on perfectly sunny days, when we all know John Mayer was intended for cozy, rainy nights.
And I'm a hopeless romantic, yet I watch a little too much of The Bachelor.

The area of my life, however, that has always been rock solid is my relationship with the Lord. I give God the glory for everything in my life. While I absolutely love photography and my business, I will always love Him more. Gods grace and mercy sustain me daily and I am ever thankful for my personal relationship with Him.

So now I'm the artsy girl. The girl couldn't imagine herself as anything other than a photographer. The girl who still might be a bag full of contradictions, but knows without a doubt that she loves what she does.

Elisabeth recently graduated from Dallas Baptist University and is now living in Dallas, TX with her husband, Kevin.

Photo by Michelle Boyd